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Nestled in the heart of Ukraine`s Cherkasy region, Orniberry Farm sprawls across 58 hectares of prime agricultural land. Our journey began in 2018 when we planted the first batch of bushes, covering an initial 12 hectares.

About Us

Driven by a young and dedicated team, we`re steadily working towards our ambitious goal of reaching 100 hectares by 2025. This expansion reflects our commitment to providing a substantial and reliable source of agricultural produce.

To date, Orniberry Farm has successfully harvested over 500 tons of premium blueberries. This impressive yield is a testament to our focus on quality farming practices and efficient agricultural management.


Our season

Our season Our season

Orniberry farm

Located in the heart of Ukraine, our region offers a unique advantage for an early start the the agricultural season, thanks the a favorable climate and optimal soil conditions.

Orniberry farm

Our highly productive agronomic approach focuses on achieving a remarkable output of 5 kg per bush, surpassing industry standards. Meticulous planning and advanced farming techniques contribute to the efficiency of our system.

We prioritize cultivating popular and in-demand varieties, aligning with market trends and consumer preferences. This strategic focus positions us as leaders, offering quality produce that meets consumer expectations.

Utilizing modern and highly effective fertilizers ensures the realization of our plants` full genetic potential, protecting against diseases and pests while promoting robust growth.

Orniberry farm

Our commitment to sustainability includes the efficient use of natural resources and electricity. Precision farming, optimized irrigation, and energy-efficient technologies minimize waste and reduce our ecological footprint.


Automatic pumping station boasting a capacity of 100m3 per hour, coupled with an automatic fertigation unit

This system ensures efficient water supply and nutrient management for our crops.

Artificial reservoir, designed to function seamlessly as a lake

Greatly enhances our water resource management and optimize water usage.

2 Davis weather stations

Provide real-time data crucial for optimizing our farming practices.


To extend our growing season by two weeks, we are strategically moving towards the implementation of greenhouses (tunnels). Alongside, we are in the process of constructing a new refrigerator and incorporating a sorting line using Elifab technology. These developments underscore our dedication to innovation, efficiency, and maintaining the highest standards in agricultural production.


We take pride in our commitment to quality, as evidenced by our Global G.A.P. and G.R.A.S.P. certifications, which have been in place since 2022 and are updated annually.


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